Homelab Update 2021 Edition

It’s been quite a while since my last blog post. Since then, I’ve had to break down my garage data center so that we could sell our house. Sold that house. Bought a new house. And now my homelab has finally made the transition. While I had to move everything, I took this opportunity to finally get my wiring under control!

From Garage Data Center to Garage

I previously had my garage data center built inside of my single car garage. In my new house, I have a three-car garage with no separation. Much to my surprise, the entire garage was already insulated (ceilings, walls, and doors). This means it was perfect to install a new mini-split air conditioner for the entire three-car garage. No more little room and the server rack just lives in the 73 degree room. It’s a little noising, but I still like to spend time out there. Check out the new 2-ton mini-split:

Home Depot Desk

As I continue to clean up my garage after the move, I decided I needed a new place to house my tools. I had an old dresser that served this purpose for many years, but it finally fell apart and had to be trashed. Home Depot has their Husky line of work benches, so I decided to get a tool bench and a work bench:

This adjustable height work table ended up working great as a desk next to my rack. And I store my tools in the matching mobile workbench.

Glamour Shots

Now for the main event…the rack and the glorious cable management:

And the back:

Here’s the updated diagram that started out some years ago as a wishlist:

As always, you can find my specific homelab detail here. Until next time…

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